Secret Information Lyrics

We aint' gettin' any place like this
You act like nothing's happening
But I can see it all in your face
It's gettin' harder for you everyday
You say your life is changin' so fast
But you don't know which way

And now you act so humble
Don't wanna show what a good time you're havin'
And you pretend to crumble
Sorry now but I know what's happenin'

Secret infrmation
I got the word on you
You can save the explanation
I've got secret information
I got the word
Around and 'round we go we never stop
You say it's just for fun it doesn't matter
Who comes out on top
You like playin' the mysterious part
But you ain't gonna get me 'cause I
Had you figured out from the start

So fall apart and stumble
You just wanna get a little bit of sympathy
And now you act so humble
I got eyes and they just keep givin' me

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Opus X (1982)
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