Spoke in Tongues Lyrics

I don't mean to get into your dreams
But you seem to think it's alright to destroy
You became such an opportunist
Somewhat dim it's a bad combonation

You can never erase
That you were not popular in school
You can't erase you were poor
And a no one
You can never erase who you were
No matter what you become
I know where you are from
And that you spoke in tongues
I know you're really just hurt and afraid
But you pretend that nothing gets to you
I'm not the one to dance on a break
But you're the one who bought me these dancing shoes

Yeah yeah yeah yeah [x2]

I can still remember the day
When we first met
And I saw myself in you
I don't mean to rain on your parade
But the sky's getting dark
And there's nothing that you can do
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