I Lost Myself Lyrics

These hands grip fabric, enamel and plastic, they chew and they b***. These eyes are shining, dilated and blinding, they catch in the light.

I can't breathe but I'm so sad when you're asleep. You seem so distant when you dream.
These hands that guide me will echo inside me and double in size. I'm holding tighter, but baby I'm frightened. Your ribs are like knives.

And I must check - am I surprised or just upset to close my eyes and see you there?
I guess I lost myself, I lost myself, I losy myself.

"Hey, come on baby, beautiful baby, rest for a while. your back is aching, your body is shaking, it hurts when you smile.

"But that will change! For there is glory in my ways. It takes an hour but saves the day!"

I guess I lost myself, I lost myself, I lost myself.
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