Good News Lyrics

Met the mailman this mo'nin
About a quarter to nine
Well, he gave me a letter
And then he said it was mine
So I opened that letter
Then I reads what it said
She said, 'Send me my fare
I'll be on my way!

Good news, good news
From the one I love
A-good news, good news
Thank the Lord above
A-good news, good news
I'm the happiest man
A-good news, good news
That I understand

A-good news, good news
It's a holiday
The good news, good news
A-that she on her way
A-good news, good news
Baby comin' home today
(harmonica & instrumental)


Unk: 'break'

I warn all you people
Don't be a-ringin' my phone
You won't get no answer
When my baby gets home
Don't nail down the windows
When my baby get here
'Cause I bought enough a-groceries
Oh, to last a whole year

Well, good news, good news
The one I love
A-good news, good news
I thank the Lord above
For good news
Yeah-eah a-good news

(harmonica & instrumental to end)

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Good News (1989)
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