Turn Me Up Some Lyrics

(Barking) Yea, turn me up some
f*** going on, Yo over there, what up brother
Yea, yea
See we got a whole,
We got a gift wrapped package for you m************
Yea, yo, yo, yo, yea
Busta,I stay with in a n**** tracks so
Hotter than wax yo so tell me why you act so
Yo, I max 'cause I make a n**** black till its time to relax yo
Until you all collapse so, f*** it
Its hardly that the god is getting tired, you don't want to say that
Can catch a cardiac relax n****
What, the god is back so you don't want to in no matter how you react
Blows your black and blue your front and your back
Choose, whatever the round that you choose
Wounds so herendous from projects you get to a***yzing the bruise
Blows will never come in singular they coming in twos
My crew be starting the ruckus once I get them accused
Or blast from the triggers that will bust from all of my dudes
Be the s*** that make you n***** run up out of your shoes
We make you back down, havin the facts now
With all the noise you be making you can even see the s*** on the news

So you don't know nothing about it (barking)
Turn me up some
Yo, the heat from of the street will burn you up some
Yo, the s*** I'm sure to spit will hurt you up some
I'm saying
But you don't know nothing about it (barking)
Turn me up some
Yo, I drink a fifth of yack and hurl it up some
Yo, just bang it in the truck and turn it up some
I'm saying
Now watch me get a n**** fast, like them b****** with no a**
You corny n***** no class
Yo, I flash on them then I go and smash
Couple holes and then splash on them, flicking a little ash on them

From the blunt we smoking keep it chick choking
Got them open with flows I suppose and make them soaking their clothes
Keep the s*** that make them sniffing, make them open their nose
Got them f***** up stuck just like they striking a pose
Yo, we gaining weight nah its just my pockets are swole
From keeping n****** whiling while they driving smacking the pole
I want to you see, perhaps while I hold me a stack
Hating n***** blab holding me back
Yo, you fool n****** plotting against the god
Must be holding a strap
Because how we coming through you know its a wrap
Moving a crew of gorilla dudes you know when to clap
I blow some s*** from of of the earth or the face of the map
Yo, so take that
Once we give it to you ain't no faking or jack
It's funny how you find your face in a trap
Little b**** n**** fronting like he ready to scrap
You better off acting p**** trying to give me your dat
Staying focused overfilling a dream
The way we spark up this bitter fire the flame probably killing your team
f*** it, so now we hover helicopters, turn this s*** up
And you and your peoples ain't hearing me proper
I'm saying

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