Watching Dead Leaves Fall Lyrics

I have watched the river bed dry up
Covered by the orange clay dusted and cracked and peeling
Know that time is the enemy
If I'm not ready now I may never be
Feel all the indifference locked up and cauterized
Coursing through my veins
Let all dreams come crashing down
I have relied on wasting all I could be
I've passed the time (passed the time)
Watching dead leaves fall
the hopelessness of what we learn
From day of birth to final breath
Have I dreamed though my life or is there still a chance
How the f*** can you know how this feels
I've come from nothing
I've got nothing to lose
Day after day I die a little more
Passing the time watching dead leaves fall

Knowing that in my time on earth
I have failed
I lay down among the fallen
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