Intro : Boy Meets Evil Lyrics


어두워져 가 내 미래의 빛
치기 어린 사랑의 잃은 꿈의 길
내 야망의 독기 매일 칼을 갈았지
But 참을 수없는 내 욕심에 칼은 무뎌져
알고 있어 다
이 사랑은 악마의 또 다른 이름
손을 잡지마 외쳤지만 저버렸지 내 양심을
날이 갈수록 느끼는 날칼로운 현실들
현실에 찢겨 붉게 물든 피들
생각 못했지 그 욕심이 지옥을 부르는 나팔이 될지는
Breath 숨이 차오르고
뒤틀린 현실에 눈 감는 매일밤 울리는 비극에 오르골
But 이 죄를 벗길 그걸 잊는 게 당최 포기가 안 돼
그 입술이 너무 달콤했기에
연애에 취해 버려진 미래
꺼어나고 볼땐 이미 사방에 지뢰
건들일 수 없는 매서운 주위 시선들
기적을 외쳐 이 현실에
미치도록 좋았지
달콤함에 중독된 병신 그래 병신
놓치기 싫었어 악마의 손길을
Too bad it's too sweet
Evil it's too evil

My future's light is becoming darker
The path of a dream I lost because of an immature love
My ambition's spite sharpened its knife everyday
But the knife is dulled by the greed that I can't contain
I know everything
This love is the devil by a different name
I called out "don't hold her hand", but my conscience lost
The sharpness of reality that I feel as the days go by
Ripped by reality, tinged red by blood
I didn't think that this greed would become the horn that would call forth hell
Breath, I am short of breath
Closing my eyes every night in a twisted reality, the music box of tragedy that plays
But to be free of this sin, to forget it, I just can't give it up
As those lips were too sweet
I was drunk with love, my future was abandoned
I woke up to see mines all around me
The harsh stares of those around me that I can't bear
I cry out for a miracle in this reality
I was crazily infatuated with you
A fool addicted to the sweetness, yes a fool
I didn't want to let go, the touch of the devil
Too bad it's too sweet
Evil it's too evil
Trans cr; Nara, Alli, Mary @ bts-trans
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