Open Interlude Lyrics

Now's the time to just clear the air
Put this s*** back in motion
Put this s*** back in motion
Now you finally open, I'm just tryna be only
We been ashin' our roaches
Throw them s**** in a bowl and (smoke that s*** up)
Rollin' one and mow, now we fired up
Now we both lookin' high as f***
I been waitin', but time is up
You ain't look me in the eye once
f*** it, out you in five months
You ain't gotta be shy girl if
Hol' up
You don't know how much
You've helped me grow, you've helped me grow, baby, yeah
You don't know how much I've been tryna show you
I know you felt me though
Ooh, girl I saw this comin'
Don't wanna act all nonchalant, that would mean
That everything we talked about was all for nothin'
Ohh, girl, you know I've been soo afraid
Mmm, hmmm, mmm
Mmm, hmmm, mmm
Baby I've been sufferin', does that mean nothin'?
That's gotta mean somethin'
Baby I would go insane for your love
f*** what your friends say, 'cause that gotta mean somethin'
This became a little bit too much
Gotta watch my intake, that's gotta mean somethin'
(This how it goin', put that s*** back in motion)
Gotta mean somethin'
(Promise everything gonna be kosher)
(Trap soul)
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