Freaky Lyrics

Now I'm down here tonight
Until the lights fill the sky
And it's just freaky
And I'm wondering why
Sitting here by the fire
Praying God for mercy
But you can't leave it all behind
when you're high you are blind
It's just crazy
And it's not easy convincing yourself
Not to pull on the trigger
I want to run but I'm stuck
in a nightmare so freaky
I want to fly but it's cutting
my wings off and it kills me
And it's just freaky

I've been dreaming tonight
Of a violet tainted sky
And a black ship moving
In the middle of the night
There was a terrifying moon shining
There's a killer on the boat
And he may stone your soul
And you'll be forever haunted
If you're tending to try
And to trust while he lies
You better be running
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