Times Are Gettin' Hard Lyrics

Times're gettin' hard boy money's almost gone
Times're gettin' hard boy time to move along
Gonna take my true love by the hand lead her from this town
Times're gettin' hard boy we're California bound
Pack up everything we own that won't take us long
Say goodbye today because tomorrow we'll be gone
It's hard to leave this place it's been hometown for so long
Oh but the men can't live with nothing's right and everything goes wrong
Sometimes I drink cause sometimes I think maybe I was born with a curse
Things don't get no better for me they just go from bad to worse
You know I spent my entire life learned my trade and working hard
Then one day the bossman brought some big machines
And next day he told me I was fired
Times're gettin' hard boy...
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The Singles: 1959-1969 (1999)
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