It's Not Enough Lyrics

All I need is now

Stare into the trees and sway,
Bathing cool breeze 'cross your face,
If you listen, I implore you.
Swirling winds will surely fade, (to)
Fields and meadows where we laid,
Just remember, I will warm you.
I`m the king with thorny crown,
You picked me then pulled me down,
Now, d`you get this, you will find,
You're out of luck, you`re out of time

Did I ever mention that I didn`t care?
When all I need is now.
You live tomorrow but I`m never there.
And all I need is now.
Take a deep breath of cold air,
Early mornings' frosty glare,
Fills you up and shivers for you.
There`s a wonder to explore,
Feast you senses, nothing more,
Let it rush through every portal.
Like some childhood fantasy,
A question mark hangs over me,
Dream of hope, of life sublime,
You in yours and I, in mine.

When all I need is now.
And all I need is......

Written by Glen Wisbey and Ross Carter
©2001 Blue October / A Different Drum All rights reserved.
Lyrics electronically reprinted with permission.
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