Witch of Trouble Lyrics

It's like cream b***on the womb you don't know what todo
She's like a ..... electric blue
And if you don't watch out she'll get to you
She's been through emotional karma like when you do voodoo
She sits on a throne of lost souls when thoughts from the cold insanity in-scrolls.
I brag and boast but i will never ever get to her no hold, deep in my minds... of the endless....
Waiting in the shadows...
Here we go

i used to be afraid livin on a razor blade came toe to toe
With nemesis as if my mind unscathed all i wanted to was bathe
In the rays of eternity all of a sudden there was nothing one
Thing botherin me and that was when she materialized
Flat off the line the past became the high time
I remember pushin forward breakin out of confines
I never knew the truth in her side
But to her theft one is left but a pile of ashes
She got my good my life wasn't tat as a rag
To many intention to mention trash suffocated in those plastic bags a blast
Yeah ..

Mean while..... goes highs and lows she my......,..
At home s*****in them shows so boys of solitude bellows
He's not my type...
Forget the spiritual for my mind is in a black hole
No way out ...
Obvious not i didnt deliberately get caught in a
Plux(flux?) and what not
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