Revolutionary All American Boys Lyrics

We're just what you need
good solid wood.
You'd a done it for us
if you only could.
We're your power to make evil curl,
together we'll make and shape our new world.
We're God's children
so don't forget.
Paradise is just around the corner
and we'll get there yet.
Then we'll give ya all our love;
we'll try our best.
For after all,
our love is what we want to give.
We're your crowd pleasers,
we're your body heaters,
we're your human crutch.
Oh we like you very much,
But we're just to look at
not to touch.
You know there always has to be
someone in this world like we,
sayin the needs that to be said;
someone to wish for in your lonely bed.

We're your freedom, we're your son.
We shine a light for everyone.
We're your happiness, we're your joy.
Your Revolutionary All American Boys!
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