Land of b******s Lyrics

Misery, for you all!
Misery, it's a game!
Misery, we are in the land of b******s!
I can't trust nobody the prey to my nightmare
I can see around me monsters i don't care
I believe all is done, i know my soul has done
I believe all is done for this time i feel like a stone
I can't stand once again and i realize
Again again again again again once again i am so sickened

Such pleasure disappears
Such feelin' with no fear
Such corruption of mind

I can feel all this pain we want to inflict
We love to inflict pain a kind of drug addict
They feel the need to fall as though dragged into this hole
Maybe the time as come to die like b***** scum
If i can't be strong enough
Again again again again again once again i am so sickened
Pleasure will disappear!
Leaving this place of darkness!
We have the same illness!
The cure has disappeared!

The prey of my nightmare
Full of hate! (x2)
Want you everything must change
You don't care (x2)
Land of b******s
This is my hell (x2)
The fear takes over me feeding this terror
I am subject to the storm
Am i like the shadow ? I'm more back than a crow!
I eat my own f****** brain, my heart endures all this pain
There is no blood runs in my veins
Again again again again again once again you're so disgusting

Why are you boring
Losing my mind
Blind people crying
Forget all signs!
(you run to your loss)
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