Rock Solid Lyrics

Laying on the ground staring at the sky
With a gun shot wound and m***led cry
to the thump thump rythm from a boom boom box.
Brought back to life with electric shocks
Get up! Get up! Get going!
Your good to go, good to go
And you know it

The twenty first century savage
In corporate funded ravage

(I´m) Rock solid
Rock solid steel
Straight down to the core
Rock solid
That's why I don't feel anything anymore
So let the gym-tanned therapist lead the way
Into the future and an brighter day.
To the thump thump rhythm of marching band
Left, right all night across the land

Get down! Get down! Take cover!
If you think even blink ....its over

Peachy pie with too much whipped cream
Teenage wet dream covering the flat screen
Rock solid...

The seven dwarfs of snow white got a better deal from the evil queen.
And the prince in shiny armour just got his head bit of nice and clean
And the yellow brick road is not so yellow anymore
Cause the Tin Man discovered that he's a .....a machine of war.

a machine of war
a machine of war

Rock solid...
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