All Over Lyrics

It's all on when she walks in the room
What's this crazy hold on me
A flash of her eye and my heart goes boom, it's all over all over
The way she moves get's me burning inside
What's this crazy hold on me
He has the power to make me swallow my pride
And tell her, I want to say.
You're the only one who makes me feel like this
Me feel this way
Just one chance to dance the dance
I Hope and Pray
This is more than just a game for two
It's my head, my heart down to my shoes
It's all over, all over - yeah yeah.
This can't go on, got to make my move
But don't know if she's sold on me
The words on my trembling lips
Shivers down my spine
It's got all over, all over
She's so fine got me burning inside
My arms they ache to hold her
The thought of her touch
Oh it's driving me wild
Got to tell her, I got to say.

She makes my head spin
Feel like I'm losing - my mind
And I like it - Yeah
She got me shaking - Baby
You got me shaking - Baby
It's time for making
Yeah I'm making my move.

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