The Hermit of Misty Mountain Lyrics

I went to the Hermit of Misty Mountain who lives in a cave above
And I asked this wise old man,
" Oh, Mr Hermit, what is a love...?"
He said, "Love is a boat that sails to heaven on a river that has no end...
It's a magic carpet to the Valley of Dreams... that's a love my friend..."
So I asked this Hermit of a Misty Mountain who lives where the cold winds blow,
" If I find this thing called love... oh, Mr Hermit, how will I know...?
He said, "You'll see the Sun when it isn't shining and the stars when they don't glow...
and you'll hear songs when there ain't no singing...
that's a-how you'll know..."
So I said to a Hermit of Misty Mountain if all 'a these things are true
"When I find this thing called love,.. oh, Mr Hermit, what do I do?
He said, "Treasure this love much more than gold and care for it tenderly...
Or you'll be a Hermit on a Misty Mountain
A fool like me
A fool like me
Aaaw, you'll be a fool like me
A fool like me..."
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