The Harvest Lyrics

Don't say it doesn't have to be this way
just wait another day cause im to tired to talk about it
It's ok, cause even if things change
There's a part of me that stays behind with you
Cause I'm gonna drink this cup of life until its gone
I know it don't last long
I'm afraid without your love that I won't make it through
But I'll be around again on a harvest moon

We'll take it slow
Try to make it last
We'll pass the hours planning how to pass some more
And if ever I should lose my way
I hope that I will safely land upon your shore

Well I will wait for you there
Don't let me pass the night alone
My life is better now with you here
Well I don't want to sleep this night alone
What will come
Once summer's gone
and when the seasons turn and it takes us back to June
Will it start again
Maybe stronger than before
I know the harvest will have an answer for me soon

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