A Kiss Lyrics

I wanna get kissed, kissed, kissed [X4]
(No you don't, not from me, not on the lips, are you crazy?
Maybe the cheek but that's all you gon' get from me)
[Verse 1: Royce]
Nickel Nina n**** Twitter beefing, first rapper to shot a fan
Gucci's my absolute state of mind, like Waka's man
Chopper's brand, getting head in the car park, new Gallardo
This b**** sucking my d*** today, call it yesterday's news tomorrow
Stretch a n**** out, I'm the new Tae-bo 'bout to cross over, I'm the new Ivo
'bout to saves a couple of these b******, that's right, I'm the new Bible
You? You five-O, me? I'm all grounded to punishments
But I'm too fly though, y'all n***** be winin', I should call you Moscato

Look down at the floorboard
It looks like someone left a pair of stiletto shoes in my Tahoe
Never know what type of a ho inside of my ride I may let
Last night at the 5 a.m., and she ain't even recover from last Friday yet
Hoes all over the ride like it's an ice cream truck, I can see why they fret
I already ran over two hoes and I ain't get up the f****** drive way yet
Soon as I open the door, you try to resist, what for? Get in girl, don't push
Shorty your, fightin' an unwinnable war, it's useless as t*** on a boar or little t*** on a w****
Got a mack and it's screaming like little kids throwing fits on the floor
Get in the whip but you ain't turning, a frog into a prince, why you tryna keep convincing me for?


[Verse 2: Eminem]
Now you in my whip just long as you understand that I can't be with
You say companionship, I say abandon ship, I'm a gigolo so you know
I'm always on the go, I ain't got no time to slow down for no relation-s***
Drop the P and add a T, yeah, you can get mad at me all you want
But I'm ghost before you can even say boo, hun let alone call me one
A one night stand is all he wants but a female fan, yeah, one like Stan
So by the one nightstand this bedroom has two lamps and only one nightstand
Get the hint? Ooh yeah boo, ew! I ain't finna argue but why do you think
They call it boo? Yeah, cause the sound of it's 'posed to scare you

Oh ho, we can share you in the back of the McLaren
I don't give a f*** what your name is, we gon' call you Hi and Bye
Hope you bi in the mean time your name is Sharon
Slow the flow down so I can what? Tell you same face
I make when I'm shooting the gun's the same face that I make when I f***
From the back of my hand on your neck pressing your face against the sheets it's insane
You been changed, cause I'm outta this world girl I got that Milky Way d*** vein
I'm at an all-time high with highness, I'm at an all-time fly with flyness
And this is exactly what they say when they bow to your highness, yeah

[Verse 3: Royce]
Nickel Nina n**** Twitter beefing, first rapper to shot a fan
(Push a chick out the car while it's moving like Waka's man)
Her bottom's dark, but her top is tan, her private parts
Got her on the pole like the opposite of her papa's plan
(Come on stripper, let's**** the strip 180 throw it in reverse
And drop the trance! I'm in the trance, now look at this b**** dance)
Looking at this tramp, like what you wearing girl, quit playing
(Yeah b**** and them scrach and sniff pants? Well let me scratch 'em)
Let me sniff, yeah What? Did I say that?
I'm on lean like styrofoam cups and kickstands

Middle finger stuck on f***, stiff pants
But girl you got a b*** like no if ands
So can with the hell, maybe, oh hell, Shady, he'll tell it like it is
So tell Katie Perry he's on the tail, he's tailgating still bating
These bells are my maiden call and I'm here, bell's raiding and tell Lady
Gaga, she can quit her job at the post office, she's still a male lady
Wouldn't f*** her with her d*** you heard, the verdict
Seein' he's allergic to divas, and take meat cleavers to 'em
Him don't give a d*** about beaver do him?
What a demon, a behemoth, evil just seems to be seething through him

I like the little strip tease you doing this evening, you and me gon' find
Three more chickadees and have a menage like Nicki
You hot like a d***ie outfit in Texas without s*** under it, sweating
Suck my d***, both gets to steppin to my logic
My patrick, my d*** is hard, thick as a yardstick
What we gonna do? Ride around 'til we're carsick
Then I'm gonna put this s*** in park like dog s***
And you can blow me in the dark in the parking lot
Out of the trailer park by the garbage
What you waiting on? Me to roll up the carpet?
The condoms are in the glove compartment, let's start it
Think I'm joking? What, am I sitting here
Tryna make fake farts with my armpits?
Tryna get you to spit pot through your nose?
Am I here to amuse you? Stop it

I'm in your pocket outside of a church
The other hand is at the bottom of your purse
You giving me head in a boxing stance
My d***'s so big you could drop it in dirt
I'm not your man, we're sparring partners
There's five things you are in charge of, that's
Suckin' the d***, suckin' the d***, suckin' the d***
Suckin' the d***, suckin' the d***

And if you ain't sucking d*** why you sitting there
With puckered lips? Oh that's collagen, mu'f*****' b****
What you mean how'd you, get suckered into this
You gon' jump into my truck and then try to get truculent?
(You should be suffering, you should be cooking
You should be buckling your seatbelt with oven mitts)
Excuse me while I'm making an a** out of myself
But it's only cause I just wanna get

Nickel Nina n**** Twitter beefing, first rapper to shot a fan
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