Animals Lyrics

How must you feel up there
So exalted, it's like a hardy attitude
Know ones inferior
To your ones words within the script
After it's so you have a footing
To thoughts you do not have permission
Who can you license to pour endowed thoughts
Bringing them all shame for their pervasion

You are not sought justice right in worth
Splitting unified talk us home
Intoxicated on his upright
Intoxicated on his low pride

How do you feel safe and secure?
You are wrong
You're such a fake,
Lies and actions breeds on your insecurities
Words cut like blades to the skin
Making people lie to the feeling
Words cut like blades to the skin
Why can't you realize what you are doing?

Where is the self worth now?

What a most far a away
Based on your invitation
Heed your mouth
And listen to your heart
We are not animals
Nor are you simply worn
We are who we are
From beginning to end
Those just to love
Saw pain in the heart
Grin at me for selfish amends
If you don't stop while you're ahead
Pride will lead you to self destruct

Kingdom come no one is done
All have been forgiven
We are who we are
From beginning to end
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