This Is Free Europe Lyrics

Dead of night in Carpentras
Brings the ghosts from the days of Vichy
Broken windows in the high street
Swastikas in the cemetery
Blond young men on a Rostock evening
Beer and loathing on their breath
Ten to one like their cowardly fathers
Arms outstretched in the sign of death
If it takes a voice then shout the truth
If it takes a hand then hold them back
If it takes a fist then smash them down
From Cable Street to Hoyerswerda
Griffin, Schonhuber and Le Pen -
This is Free Europe! Never again!
Some may seek respectability:
Austria, France, they're winning votes
Playing on the Left's confusion
Pressing flesh, not slitting throats
Laws enacted to appease them
Testify to Europe's shame
They may dress in suits and ties now
But the answer is the same....

Once more we see the darkness in the European soul
As the chains fall, there comes an awful beast
His eyes are staring, and there is hell upon his brow:
Oskar, Francois, Gregor, Tanya, listen to me now....
I'm a Jew in Carpentras
I'm a Jew in a Russian city
I'm an Asian in the East End
I'm a Cuban in East Germany
Don't tell me it doesn't concern us
It's not something to ignore
They are feeding on our apathy:
That's how it began before.....
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This Is Free Europe (1992)
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