Sprinkle Road To Cork Street Lyrics

Sprinkle Road to Cork street
You may find along the way
People telling daydreams
Every hour of every day
Sprinkle Road to Cork street
Will keep your dreams alive
Make you think you're taking
A flying carpet ride

Stop along the way
Where everything that you have learned
Turns around to face you
Like a puzzle - badly burned

Through yellow colored trees
You see a world of reality
Sprinkle Road to Cork street
Is just like a mystery
Your mind is moving slow
When suddenly you've found
There's someone that you know
Now you've run a hundred miles

To find out who was there
But look around
And search to find
What was there
You think you'r lost and blind to everything
But soon you'll wake up dead
If you keep on storming around
Inside your given head

Then a sign appears
hanging from a leaf
Letters fall from flowers reading
Reading Sprinkle Road to Cork street

(whistling wind sounds)
(ends abruptly)
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