The Furthest Star (acoustic) Lyrics

The furthest star in the sky, well that's the one that passed me by
I tried to wish upon that star, it didn't get me very far
It fell on empty ears, it fell on empty hearts and my dreams, they fell apart
I'm always wishing I was someone else, I'm always hoping I can sell myself
But I'll be free for what I believe
And I won't sell my soul just to achieve my goal
And I've been holding back the tears, dreaming all these years
And I sing from the heart if you'll listen to me, everything I do is what I believe
The lights went out across the world and your house of cards came tumbling down
Cause nothing stays and noting sticks when you're rolling with the lunatics
But my star in the darkest sky twinkles and watches
While the other stars die upon your empty ears and empty hearts
I'm always wishing I was someone else
But I've given up the goals, I will never sell myself
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