Glow Lyrics

I never thought that you'd find out i did it
I was so scared that you leave so i hid it
I know we said that we always be honest
So know i wait out in messed up honours
It finnaly seems that we've turned into strangers
it's gotten' so bad there's no more anger
so now we seem we can't get no further
i can't belive i'll be bright for another

I'll be the swicth she turns on
She'l be mine to ,i get on
I'll be the fuse that she blows
and even with the lights out we'll glo-o-o-o-o-ow
So where's the sanige or the love on your face
I'm on the moon with the girl that's in your place
and even Edison has no idea
of all the blackouts i've caused you and me-a

Chorus x 2

we'll glow, we'll glow,we'll glo-o-w
Chorus x3

I'll be the, I'll be the fuse
I'll be the, I'll be the fuse
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