Simple Man's Dream Lyrics

Captured by a renaissance dream
Tongue tied and twisted in the deep
Haunted by a renegade parading in my sleep
Stalked like a criminal in the open keep
I ain't never been arrested for walking in my sleep
J-Walkin' in the heavens baby, pay the fine for what you reap
What you reap

It's alright baby, it's okay honey
It ain't nothing, nothing but a simple man's dream
It's alright baby, it's alright honey
Fashion your religion to a simple man's dream
Sweet taste of victory in a h*****'s stance
Crime pays if it's with the Devil you dance
Grim Reaper, Soul raper, Heartbreaker, My friend
This is an enemy invasion, Thank God I'm alive to see the end...

Simple man's dream
A flyin' machine
A primal scream
Ain't nothing but a simple man's dream
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