Guppy Lyrics

Got the world at the tips of my fingers the opportunity in front of me it lingers and I won"t let go won"t cave in till I"m on top of the world and it"s spinning in my hand they all told me the whole world was a stage and to know the role I was to play and I"d never amount to much cause I"d always be the puppet with a worthless touch I say look in my eyes tell me what ya see the only fear there"s what you"re projectin on me so don"t tell me all I do is for not cause unlike you I ain't afraid to give this more than one shot

Tell me who you think you are cause you can"t
Tell me how to live my life don"t try and
Tell me when it"s all right to be me
Tell me what makes you think that you can get inside my head
I"m so close to winning this game that I can taste it still I hear you tell me I won"t make it don"t matter what you do the things you say will never break my resolve to make it outta this place they all told me there"s a million fish in the sea so why would a poor white kid like me ever amount to much cause I"d always be the guppy with a powerless punch I say look in my eyes but I know they can"t they know that I know I"m undergoing attack what a deadly web we weave when we"re mad cause we gave up on life so now we deceive

When opportunity knocks ya gotta take it whatever you do don"t be mistaken to think that anyone could ever make it living life comfortably never changing when you do what you do don"t have to be the best of the best but when you settle for a little bit less than what you can handle that"s your first mistake cause you"re the only one who can get in your way

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