Gemini Lyrics

On a planet not so far away
We were born together
In the beginning there was just you and me
And where we was washed up upon this river
Suckled on the honey of the Tennessee
Where we would sleep in the soft sunshine
I smile at you and you to me
And in the dark, I see the moon
Shine in your eyes
We grew strong and tall as weeds
Never lived forever, there was no such thing
I looked at you, and you looked into me
And we saw in each other everything
We knew no fear as we grew the years
That's the growing up
We've come to love

On this planet not so far away
We wouldn't stay together
Rolling in a dream
We'd drift apart on down the stream
Like honeysuckle tangled up in kudzu vine
The snake that lay in the sun so fine
I saw the true you and you true me
And in your eyes I'd see
The dark inside of you
Woke from dreams
Pulled up like weeds
Never knew no better there was no such thing
I reached for you like a child that clings
Oh, how we saw in each other, everything
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