Life Is Lyrics

They're sayin' stick the script.
But there's more to the book, somehow.
Yellin' on the corner just a waste of time,
They can never know the truth in that frame of mind.
Come spark the track with your gift.
God bless your grits bring it on now.
Cause you know there's much more to the script.
Try to lift your spirits to the very tip.

Life is,
Worth much more to me
Than you could maybe never ever see.
See Life is,
Worth much more to me
Than you could ever...
The other day I was afraid of being hypnotized,
By so many people whose dreams won't begin to be realized.
But I came to know,
The lessons they were told wasn't really so.
But they kept tellin' me,
Do all the things we do and you'll be good to go.

You ain't really drivin' as long as you ridin'
with those who would steal your soul.
You've been crippled to pieces so dig what they preach
And don't come with that hit no more.
I'm down for the cause I mean takin' a pause,
Really live for the time we're given.
Baby, can't you hear the drum?
Now listen hear it comes,
It speaks of a life that's worth living.

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