Roll One Up Lyrics

Let me know, know what's up
Before I roll, roll one up
I been rolling up that reefer got me high
I been rolling up that weed, it got me high
I been rolling up sativa got me high
I been rolling all week, it got me high

[Verse 1]
Puff puff pass take a drag just don't steam it tho
Smoking on that captain kush, this s*** is unbelievable
My s*** come from Mexico, yeah I got that dimelo
Mama said leave weed alone but I think I need it
Oh, oh, n***** getting throwed, oh oh, we blowing purple smoke
Oh, oh, the kush and purple haze, oh oh, we flying paper planes
Cause I'm always talking fly s*** fashion be the topic
That's why all these hoes wanna hop and jump on my d***
Then she looked at me and said how lower can your eyes get?
Let me know who's chipping in this before I cop it

[Verse 2]
Rotation is like basketball blunts is going back and forth
n***** mixing hash and dro with cinnamon that's applesauce
Show this what you asking for liqour is my last resort
Steaming n***** grab the torch then puff puff pass it off
Uh, and tell me what you think about it
I been getting high, I'm tryna get a drink around it
Now my high is higher than it's ever been
I'm so m**********' high, I think I might never land
They be talking crazy but I been rolling hazies up
I been having like a 20, 40 then that 80 bucks
Man I come through get that Mercedes drunk and them ladies f***
They already know we got them blunts and we blazing up
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