Phoenix Lyrics

Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
b***** ink on my pad spelled suicide
Michael Jackson even passed cause you scrutinized
f*** illuminati lies, say I'm lucified
Baptised in the gutter, m*********** you decide
Cause the ride come with doors that be suicide?
Or the thighs on my w****s, they be super-sized?
Good and bad happen, wars, n**** chose a side
Now all hail to the Lord like you do to God
Who am I? Lord Flacko
Painting vivid pictures, call me Basquiat Picasso
Capo Head Hancho, now my following's colossal
Ain't no boxer, Pacquiao, but got the chopper en todo caso
It's like you heard, God spoke
I've seen the ghetto gospel
The choir like my reefer and the preacher got my eyes low
s**** to Mary Jane to make me see from singing high notes
The bible or the rifle...goodnight folks
[Verse 2: A$AP Rocky]
b***** ink on my pen spelled suicide
Kurt Cobain even died cause you scrutinize
It's a fine line between truth and lies
Jesus Christ never lied, still was crucified
That's why I never judge another n****
Life's a b****, but that b**** in love with other n*****
3 to a bed, sheets, no covers n****
Dirty kitchen, no supper in the cupboards n****
Sucker n*****, wassup my n*****
So my new attitude is like "f*** the n*****!"
I grew up with n***** but don't f*** with n*****
I don't trust them n*****, ain't got no love for n*****
Had the gold grills shining like them southern n*****
Kept it trilla, now the whole world f*****' with us
Meanwhile you treated all of us like other n*****
Now your world is in my palm, take cover n*****

I shall ever pour, Lord pick me up
Ever since a baby, two tussin sippy cups
Ever since them diapers and my zip-me-ups
Now I'm walking on my own, y'all, wish me luck

[Outro x2]
Where do we lie?
Tell me where do we stand?
Where do we go?
It's all part of the plan
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