PMW (All I Really Need) Lyrics

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
All I think about is life, nice, sippin' on Sprite
Little codeine, n**** get throwed right
Two blonde d***s wanna kiss all night
I just pray to God that the s*** go right
Little arguments in their fists don't fight
f*** a dog ho and the b**** gon' bite
A$AP n****, sip Cris all night
So them R Kelly hoes gettin' p***** on twice
d***, how a young n**** get so nice?
Young n**** cold like he sittin' on ice
f*** broke, tryin' to be rich all life
I could've been a criminal and just rolled dice
My nuts hangin', my top back
Hoes screamin' that Pac back
Throwin' Westside, bandana tied
A$AP life, gotta Pac tat
Harlem world my whole block strapped
Hoes all on my jock strap
My whip white but my top black
And my b**** white, but my c*** black
Purple drink, got that
Tell these hoes all to twerk somethin'
Bounce on me, b****, hurt somethin'
Tell her pop that p**** like it's worth somethin'
So shawty, she a stunna' and daddy, he a runna'
Be that pretty m*********, you could call me what you wanna
Cause I'm in love with that a**, she in love with the cash
So she shakin' it fast and then makin' them stacks
And I'm takin' it back and I'm takin' her back
To the house just to bust in her mouth and I'm kickin' her out

How 'bout me and you and you and I
Take a ride to make this high
On and on and on and on
On and on and on and on
So I say
[Hook] x4
p****, money, weed (Yeah)
p****, money, weed (Y-yeah)
p****, money, weed (Yeah)
That's all a n**** need (Y-yeah)

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
It's A$AP Q, where the bread at?
f*** around and bring the hush puppies back
She f*** me and the homies, she was cool with that
The block hot so I'm shaded in my bucket hat
Pause a little bit, I gotta little advice
If you f***** her once, then you could f*** her twice
And don't get head from hoes with overbites
Just giving out game, n****, show your right
Born stunna n****, turn night to bright
High as a kite in my Nike Flights
Made 30 Racks it was just a flight
Flew a b**** out too, it was just a night
Shorty got the booty make a n**** say, "Woah"
Can I suck your t******, tryin' to see how far I can go
Try again and then again and she ain't tellin' me no
Sweetie tell me how you feelin', can I feel on you mo'?
She said, "I ain't f*****' for free", but ain't s*** I can't afford
s***, I'll pay you for it
Now bounce that a** on my bungie cord
Uh, yeah, whoopsie daisy
Put a good kid in your Section.80
Turn a baby into a lady
Now here go the keys to my new Mercedes
Cause shawty she a stripper
All you got to do is tip her
She got ballers with some money
When you f*** them other n*****
Now do A through Z for a G
Panties go down to her feet
p**** get wetter for me
Smackin' that a** to the beat
Give her that Diggity-D

[Hook] x4
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