Palace Lyrics

g******, how real is this?
I know them Harlem n***** gon' be feeling this
East Coast n****, but how trill is this?
Still don't give a s***, my ignorance is still a bliss
Stone cold love, rose gold slugs
I could afford it, I imported stone cold drugs
Stone cold, rolling stone, I'm a stoned n****
Write it on my tombstone, I was stoned n****
Don't remember me as a wannabe New Orleans n****
Slash lean sipping, Tennessee n****, nah
Influenced by Houston, hear it in my music
A trill n**** to the truest, show you how to do this
My all gold grills give her cold chills
Said she's got a c**e feel cause I'm so trill
Two dope boy scales, but I sold pills
No L, put her on her feet, toe nails
Them vampires, them blood suckers, them thirsty killers
We 'bout it 'bout it, we rowdy rowdy, that Percy Miller
For really real, we chilly chill, don't sport Chinchilla
No bounty hunters, I'm bout to killa, I'm bout my skrilla
Give me the t**le, then give me the cash
Fold it then bag it then move to the trap
Follow my stash, stealing my swag
n***** is wickity wickity wack
Like Kriss Kross
Her lip gloss, slip-ons get slipped off
My b**** boss, Cristal
We smoking then thinking then burning that hash
Puff it and pass, making it last
Walk in my shoes and then cross in my path
Game was for grabs, making 'em crash
Took in a section and giving they back
f*** the money, f*** the fame, this is real life
An insight to my trill life
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