Don't Laugh (You Might Be Next) Lyrics

I've been dreamin'
In black and white so long
You know I didn't always hit the s***
But my livin' days are way past gone
I've been thinkin'
Of where I went all wrong
I been livin' in this hole so long
I feel like it's where I belong
Don't laugh - you might be next
Like you got nothin'
You wouldn't like to forget
I've been thinkin'
On why I went so far
I just been chasin' this dragon
All around the block
And I ain't got not car
So now you're sayin'
It's a weakness in my soul
Yeah before you write me off so quick
You better look around at the people
That you know

Don't laugh - you might be next
You got somethin' that you'd like to forget
Stand in line
Don't laugh - you might be next
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