Angels Around Me Lyrics

50 Cent) G-Unit! Ha Ha!

50 Cent
If some shots may happen to go off tonight
Don't worry about me I be aight
n***** could waiste ammo firin at me
because I'm God's child there's angels around me
Hook x 2

Verse 1(Young Buck)
Lifes a b**** and then you die it couldnt be worse
I either dont eat this week or s***** this purse
clip hangin out the side of my Karl Kani
my eyes blood shot red I'm High But Let's Ride!
I ain't scared if i die it was meant to be
He might send for yall before he send for me
gun b*** you with the back of the beretta
the 357 or the black mac 11!
We drive bullet proof coupes n**** gon take ya shots
We use to shoot hoops n**** now we shoot up blocks
Got them shells with them green tips just for ya'll
you can run but they coming through them concrete walls
Bank$ drop me off show me where he live at
think he tough I'ma put 6 in this 6 pack
when you here that click clack b****
betta get back quick
one to the chest make n***** do back flips

Hook x 2
Verse 2 (Lloyd Bank$)
Yeah I know you n***** want me to get murked
get lowered in the dirt
in an all black b***on down shirt
cold wit 3 to the dome
lil' n***** don't get to see disney land
they settle for a funeral home
you dont need hoes to know that the leads hot
I'm prepared for anything tonight aslong as it's not a head shot
the bigger the rim the bigger the tire
hollow tips'll make it feel like a n**** on fire
Everybody got to go it's the truth
so i figure while i'm waitin on my turn i'ma blow up the booth
I seen n***** in wheel chairs, eye patches and cruches
arm slings that came home to have and dutches
we can go there but need i shoot
put some holes in your Fila suit
you'll probably url when you see my crew
I play the hood all the time because I don't give a f***!
you can shoot me down as long as i keep gettin up what!
Hook x 2

Verse Three (50 Cent)
Shootout shots ricochet, doc says that n**** dead
When your time's up, your time's up, this is real s***
On my b**** 'til my number calls, say a prayer
hopin God hear - look, I don't fear man
Wanna bang out let's bang out, I don't care man
A eye for an eye, my perfect to perfections
They have me sprayin automatics in every direction
Call me Louie Loco, nut case, oh no
I'm more like the kid that put the game in a chokehold
You stunt and I stop it, I'm makin a profit
Every time you hear my vo-cals comin out them lo-lo's
From LA to NY, on the red-eye
Teflon in my luggage, you gotta love it, I'm thuggin
My street slang, my penitentiary posture
Got me out sellin n***** whole f***** rosters
I'm big in New York, like B.I.G.
Plus I runs with D-R-E

Hook x2
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