8 Mile Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah..50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and tha new kid flow
[Lloyd Banks]
This rap s*** plays a major part of my life
So if you jeapordize it I got the right
To send a m********* at you tonight
G-Unit! And I ain't stoppin' to my clique poppin'
Swimmin' in barrels of money
Ma could walk around wit' a head up and challenge you dummy
It's funny, n***** rather see you sufferin' and hungry
I'm hungry as hell, skatin' with another n****'s money
Take your hats off, you know you ain't that tough
I'm callin' your bets off as soon as you act up
You know what I came for, it isn't the game ball
Artillary that's about as long as a chainsaw (Lloyd Banks!)
By the way, this feels like I'm dreamin'
Forty cal. under my pillow, condom feelin' my s****
The physical presence of a female, form of a demon
That's why, I f*** 'em and leave 'em
Get my nut while I'm breathin'
'Cause they thought they'd catch me slippin', now I'm duckin' and trippin'
That's a thousand dollar outfit what the f*** is you rippin'?
You trippin', more records could get my a** in position
Death wish for no religion whether Catholic or Christian
Listen, I went through my ambition in and out the kitchen
With probable cause, it's probably sendin' out to prison
You got soldiers, but you still gotta respect ours
We got more four five's and nines than a deck of cards

[Tony Yayo]
You can take me out the 'hood, but can't take the 'hood out me ('Cause what?)
'Cause I'm ghetto, I'm ghetto
n***** hate when you do good
But when you broke, your friends and your enemies
They love you, they love you
"Cheche, get the llello"
Picture me being crack, out of town, trips on the trail
"Cheche, get the llello"
Picture me being crack (Tony Yayo!)
You can sift me, cut me, I'll turn you to a junkie
I'm the number one seller in the whole f*****' country
Wallstreet n*****, they cop me on the low
White boys don't call me c**e, they call me blow
It's time to go, on the bus, the train, the plane
I'll smuggle, I'm nothin' but trouble
I'll make your money double
Cook me in baking soda
I'll turn your Hooprock into a new Range Rover
I'll pay all your bills and fill your 'frigerator
Feed your family, turn your man into a hater
Put me in your doorpanels or your stashbox
Put me in your Nik's, Timbs or Reeboks
If you cop three and a half you hustlin' backwards
Cop a hundred grams, you movin' forwards
You tryin' to move more birds
...In PA all day, on the corner of Third
[50 Cent]
You can take me out the 'hood, but can't take the 'hood out me (what?)
'Cause I'm ghetto, I'm ghetto
Picture me polishin' pistols, I'm comin' to get you
The shells hit you, you screamin'
Think I'm playin'? I mean it
Man, I done bought all these pistols
Lets get it poppin'
Start wavin' my emboies shell cases get the droppin' (C'mon)
Like if it's down the corner, I got too much pride to hide
I'm outside, gun in my pocket just stunnin' I'm stoppin'
I'm dyin' to pop it, I'm young and I'm restless, you know my contestants
As the world turns, there's lessons to be learned
Count all my blessin's, clean up my weapons
I'm ready for war, the strong survive, the weak will parish
I told you before, hoes they compliment me now like "50 nice chain"
Malasio, twenty grand in chips at a dice game
Burn out, can't stop gotta watch MTV, BET
n**** you see me!
I wonder if you mad, 'cause I'm doin' good
or 'cause n***** feelin' me more than you in your own 'hood
And it hurts 'cause you love 'em and they don't love you back
'cause they know you just rappin' and you don't bust a gat
You p****
Yeah, explain it to n***** in your hood n****
They know you f*****' frontin' n****
Talkin' like gangstas on a record, I see you n****
n***** know me n****, ask around in my 'hood n****
Read the "Daily News" n**** you see them talkin' about me n****
I'm in the middle of all kinds of s***
p****, lets get it poppin'


I hate you fake homeys who think you gagstar when you not because you get hoe's and sell pot don't mean you cool mattter fact your life is bull talkin about how you use nine's tha only law you broke is not stoping at a stop sign but I stay on the grind tight rappers like are hard to find
But I'm from Ohio anot from 8 mile though I'm black but look white I can still freestyle I dissed more M.c's than a mile heres anything I hate wack M.c's that think they flow like Jigga when they just another n****.
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