Let Me Be Lyrics

Refrain (2x):
Let me be the one you believe in,
I`ll be there (I`ll be there),
I'll take care, oh yeah, yeah.
(I wanna be the one to talk to you, I'll be there for you)

Friends need one other
More than enough to hold on
Love enough to share (Love enough to share)
Since I got to know you
Believe in the sound of my heart
Strong enough to tell you that I care
(Show me that I care)

Everybody's a dreamer
(a dreamer, a dreamer, we need love)
Everybody needs love
To be around, so...

[Refrain 2x]
I wanted to stay with me
Whisper the sound of my heart
Long enough to share
(Long enough to share)
Whenever you feel
(Whenever I feel)
Feel like you need what I need
Take me to the rhythm, set me free
(I wanna be free)

[Refrain 2x]

I want to be the one to talk to
I'll be there for you
Taking care of you
'cause you're cute
Beauty is in the eye
Of the beholder
I'd never scold ya
Unconditional love is hard to find
I'm blind
Deaf and dumb
My heart has a big sign
That says welcome
To a love that's forgiving
I'm living
Yeah, I wanna be
[Refrain till the end :)]

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