Lay Down Your Love Lyrics

I've got something to tell you
I've got something in my heart
I've been wanting you baby
For the longest of time
Got a lifetime before us
And girl don't you know
I want to savour each moment with you
And make sure that we take this love
Tender and slow

So let yourself go, And
Lay down your love for
Me baby, let me inside
I wanna know what you're
Feeling and don't be shy
Lay down your love for
Me baby, now is the time
We can't let the moment go by
Lay your love down
( Lay your love )
I know you need reassurance
Let me give some to you
You wanted love to be special
I want the same thing too
And your love I want
Cause it's feel so strong
I'm gonna cover you girl
Head to toe with my kiss,
My touch, my heart, and my soul
So let yourself go

Let each moment be an eternity
I wanna give back to you
All that you given to me

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Now's the Time (1995)