Big Syke Interlude Lyrics

Thug Life (thug life) Microphone Check (microphone check)
Outlaw (outlaw) Microphone Check (microphone check)
Where You b**** n***** Coming From? (where you b**** n***** coming from)
You Don't Know (you don't know) Look Like you a seed (look like you a seed)
From Makaveli The Don (from makaveli the don)
I Can Hear your style (I can hear your style)
Sounds Like Makaveli The Don (makaveli the don)
2 Pac (2pac) My n**** (my n****)
So Much trouble in the World n**** (trouble in the world n****)
These n***** Can't feel your pain (feel your pain)
Thug Life (thug life) Outlaw (outlaw) Forever (forever)
Oh You b**** n***** (b**** n*****)
The Hardest n**** (the hardest n****)
Ever to touch this microphone (to touch this microphone)
Got you b**** n***** Trailin' his tail (trailin his tail)
I don't know if you catch up (catch up)
But Yet and Still (yet and still)
keep trying n**** (keep tryin n****) Keep Trying (keep trying)
Thug Life (thug life) Outlaw (outlaw) Forever n**** (forever n****)
For Eternity (eternity) For Infinity (infinity)
So Remember (so remember) Makaveli The Don (makaveli the don)
His Thug Life (thug life) Lives On (lives on)
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