Run tha Streetz Lyrics

[Michel'le -- Chorus x2]

i'll be waiting for you
until you get through
i'll be waiting)
Now peep it
Here go tha secret on how to keep a playa
some love makin' and homecookin'
i'll see ya later
It don't take alot to keep a n**** hard
must be a lady in tha light
but real freaky in tha dark
plus I got some enemies, baby
hold my pistol
and wrap your arms around a n****
everytime I kiss you
can you visualize the picture ?
me and you in extasy
don't be upset
it's good s**
when you next to me
do you wanna test me ?
put your tired head on my chest
A Thug n***** in tha house
now you can rest
I betcha never screamed a n***** whole name out
and felt tha pleasure and tha pain
about to f*** tha very taste out your mouth
If you call me when you need me
when you wanna see me
cause I can be your man
and baby you can be my lady
but you gotta give a n**** s***e
or you'll drive me crazy
Run tha Streetz....
[Chorus x2]
(You can run tha streetz with your Thugs)
i'll be waiting for you
until you get through
i'll be waiting)
Now me and you was cool
but I ain't tha one to play tha fool
can't make no money in bed
so ain't no future f*****' you
I ain't tha b**** ta love ya
can't do a d*** thang for you
if you ain't about money
9 times outta ten
i'll ignore you
It's a man's World
but real women make tha s*** go around
and I clown
tha type of b**** to t
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