MLK Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg]
You know sometimes in my rhymes I just feel like I has to
Do what? Give ya something to mash to (allright)
'cause you know I'm the master superb superior
Interior attractions, I'm maxin' relaxin' in penthouse suites
with seven hos at my feet
To dress me, caress me, to lead me, to guide me
Protect me in, perfect be in love, don't stress me
You want to roll on some jet-skis?
You want to roll up some green weed?
I got the key to whatever you need
As we proceed we a long way from LBC
BUt that's what you get when you f*** with the P-I-M-P
I came through just to scoop you up, to Snoop you up
And tap that booty up

[Nate Dogg]
Taking a ride on the East Side
Made a right on MLK
What a beautiful day, what a day, what a day
Ridin' high on the East Side
Looking for a hoodrat today
Don't you want to come out and play
Come and play, come and play

[Warren G]
n**** please, out on these, I'm a veteran
Who stays on the beach on bicycles pedalin'
Quit meddling in my business I'm a grown man
I leave no witnesses, I'm a known man
I understand reality to the fullest
And plan on duck technicalities with a bullet
I'm full of it, out in public to the max and I like it
These b****** love it I gangsta rap
Perhaps it's an addiction because of the non-fiction
Rhymes that get written, I don't know
So when cats is bullshiting and I'm steppin' it up
And if it get hot in herre? I'm wetting it up
If I can't enter in with my Chucks
I don't need to be going
If you can't make a thousand bucks, you don't need to be ho'ing
I'm showing the real world some 16s
Don't stop, get it girl, you a d***-fiend
[Snoop Dogg]
Pass the pill, and holler at Phil
And make a move with Shaquille in my new Snoopdeville
'cause I'm a vet with a cool first step
My game guaranteed to bust any b****
That I, want and I need and I have
A lot of y'all want to come by the pad
And walk on my marble floor
Just to say you blew with the remarkable

[Warren G]
Listen to me baby doll
I'm hated by many, loved by 213
Respected by all, feared by none
Hon' you stuntin' with a hall
Get involved with me, instantly you become bonded
Then eventually you'll get taught to shoot my time
(So you can hold me down) Bonnie
Daddy need you bad
You know what you could do with a half a key?
Come on, and smash with me

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