Game Don't Wait Lyrics

[g child] (xzibit)
That's some good dope
Ain't nuttin' like some good dope
Yeah, umm hmm
That's some good s***, man
Woooo, s***eketeers
Hey, this is the g-child
We back big baby
Ooo, ahh (ahahh, ahahh)
I think i need a fix
I think i need a fix, man, uh

[warren g]
Warren g, g'd up (uh)
f*** that blaze the weed up
Got a problem? best to ease up
Ain't no fightin', i raise the heat up
Gotcha b**** knees up
And by the end of the night, it's beat up
You say you eat d***s, then b****, well, eat it up
But bring a few friends that's x-tacy'd up, what
[snoop dogg]
Now all i see is we, lbc, 213
G's 'n fleezin', the reason, the season
The click's off the heezy, mr. warren g-eezy
Gots to make it easy for snoop d-eezy
To come back and drop raps and make snaps so easy
The most haunted, and most wanted
With a pocket full of hundreds
You know how we run it
1- [nate dogg]
You can catch the bus if you runnin' (if you runnin')
But, oh, no, the game don't wait
No, the game don't wait
All my homies that next to me hustlin' (hustlin')
'cause they (the game)
Know the game don't wait
No, the game don't wait (game don't wait)
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