Move Somethin' Lyrics


Verse 1: Brother Marquis
I've been wanting to tell you this for a while
I like your fake blue eyes and your hoey style
So let's go for a walk through the park
You can suck my d*** in the dark
And just do what I ask; b****, bend over
Let me ride your backside like dogs do each other
I know that you're with it, so don't start frontin'
I don't wanna be your man; I wanna MOVE SOMETHIN'!

You might as well give up the p****.

Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice
Listen up, baby, you look real pretty
Let me pull up your shirt and suck your t******
Yes, pretty lady, I love you so
Since the time we met, my d*** has grown
You had other men; now it's my chance
Give me some time to take off my pants
The time has come; don't be frontin'
Just drop them draws, and let's MOVE SOMETHIN'!
Now what the hell do you want??
I want to f***

Verse 3: Brother Marquis
Let's rent a room at a f***-motel
Then play this game called Ring the Sleigh Bells
Put the "Do not disturb sign on the door
And ride this d*** 'till it gets sore
Then open your legs, put 'em in the buck
'Cause that's the way I like to f***
It's real simple; it's not really nothin'
All you have to do is MOVE SOMETHIN'!
Now let's find a motel so I can see how you f***!
Big daddy...
Don't rush me, b****!
Move your body to the beat
Haao, work on my a**, baby!!

Verse 4: Fresh Kid Ice
Look, baby doll, don't lie or front
You know what I need and I know what you want
Let's go to the beach, we'll lay in the sand
And I'll prove to you that I'm a real man
And the way it felt, it was real tight
It chilled my body and the feeling was right
It's all for love; it's you I've been wantin'
Just roll those hips and let's MOVE SOMETHIN'!
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