One More Second Lyrics

Give me just one more second
Give me just ten more seconds
Give me back just one more day
I won't bug you anymore
I won't be greedy
Just lend me 24 hours
It's okay if I look pitiful
It's okay if I look childish

*I know that you're the kind of person who will do whatever you say
So please, save my poor heart just once
So I can show me to you for just one second
So I can show you my heart for just ten seconds
I've only tried to read your mind
I didn't know your heart
Scared that you'd be sick of me

I won't tell you to come back to me
I won't say childish things

I learned love in the wrong way
I tried to win you all the time
I thought loving you more was losing somehow

Please help me so I can beg for your forgiveness for 24 hours and kneel down to you for a second
It's pitiful me
Save me just once
Lend me just one more day again
Lend me just 10 more seconds again, please
Give me back just one more second again, please
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