#3 Lyrics

Your diamond desires are turning back into coal
You can't pick yourself up off the floor
And somehow everything's on me
When mutual pity walks out the door
You know it's time to follow
Cuz I'm not sorry you are utterly alone
I remain unbroken
Though we existed in our own dimension
Slouching twisted at the television
Finally brokenhearted by what we'd made
I'm not crawlin to you
Oh it feels so good so far inside myself
Someplace you have never ever been
Sleeping free, dreaming clean
Not to pretend is the greatest relief
Now I've been digging in the dirt
Planting myself, my hands they smell of earth
I will be growing alone and away
This I know for sure
If I touched you now think we'd both disintegrate
Sift through blades of stinging grass
Before dribbling through the grate
In each of my hands I hold love and hate
I'll fall underground now and happily I'll stay
I'm not crawlin to you
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Notes from Underground (2009)
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