Lazy Friends & Promises Lyrics

Say it ain't so...

We didn't mean to go to sea, my darling.
We just drifted away - come what might.
We let our boat sail on a secret sea of dreams, winds blowing,
set our sails, and let the world fly by...
How can this be over?
Say it ain't so!

A promise is a lazy friend, they say.
Easily given - so hard to keep.
Remember me when your ship leaves the safety of the harbour,
when you ride the waves on distant shores
and when you lie awake...
turning over and over.
Say it ain't so!

What a way to waste away, my darling.
Our voyage is over - my breath spent...
What's left: snow falling softly by my window,
blotting out the world - as time stands still,
little by little...
© 17 Hippies, Hipster-Records 20011
M/T: Max Manila (Christopher, Christopher)
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