Mengele's Lyrics

An invitation obscure
A feast macabre
Murder to dissect
The iron-wolf grin
Jackal embodiment
Soul scraped thin
Cardinal observer
In stalwart scrutiny
In naked sordidness
Let death know i'm here

Paralyzed by godless science
Inquisitorial clinical obsessions
Striped of all sense of self
To carve a new world from rotting

The quintessence in grotesque motion
Repression of the weaker flesh
Dinner at Mengele's
Existence amputated
Dinner at Mengele's
Courting annihilation

And in its raw totality
Abattoir tributary
With morbid exactitude
A tract of silvery death
Crippled under devilish scrutiny
Lancing into every nerve and system
Cleansing off skin and boiling flesh...

Senses, in rapture screaming
As nerves recoil fear manifests

Dinner at Mengele's
Existence desecrated
Dinner at Mengele's
Courting annihilation

"This wickedness knows no boundaries
Dark insight - So inhuman and so cruel
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Massive Cauldron of Chaos (2014)