Garcia Vegas Lyrics

Jeah, another Tay da Tight hit

11/5's in the m*********** house [x4]
Well I started off a hustla indo smokin
Weed in my lungs so a n**** kept chokin
Eyes kinda red blood shot from the contact
In a 67' Caddy b**pin Gap Band eight track
What you say n**** 11/5's in the house
So let me break it down what us n***** all about
As I step to the scene I got some b****** on the nuts
But I act like a pimp so I don't give a f***
Step back get back stand in line
You gotta get yours b**** I gotta get mine
It's TaydaTay now can I get a fader
Who got half on the weed and the Vegas?
Players listen before the hoes bounce
I gotta get drunk off a 64 ounce
You can say 800
Got the weed rolled up so it's time to get blunted

Everybody light your Vega,
everybody light your Vega,
everybody smoke, woo hoooo [x2]
Well I'm not braggin everybody's passin
All they weed to me
But the dank ain't enough so I'm hittin all night
To cop a cold M.D.
What up step back and get wasted
Weed in the air I can almost taste it
Take it hit it pass it to a friend
Then you mix it light it quick with the m*********** gin
Ooh we b**** now I'm feelin tight
But that's how you doin it when you off dank right
High as a kite I can touch the f***** sky
But I'm stuck like Chuck and I won't even try
Over high, eleven five
I've been smokin all day you can tell from my eyes
Smoke in my lung you can feel it in my chest
Just copped another gram now guess what's next

Now first let's call for the m*********** indo
Pull out your crutch and put away your pistol
n**** this is Frisco b**** I got the bomb
When you're in a rush break it down in your palm
If you ain't got ten you can give a n**** eight
Fade with ya n***** then you browse thru the Point (?)
Pick up the b**** and you put her in the back
But you better have your gat if the ho is a hoodrat (Jeah)
All hoes on the life I lead
I can't function right without a gram of weed indeed
I like to smoke to get high
And I won't stop til the day a n**** die
Anytime anyplace I'm gonna do it like Janet
Tryin to get high with the whole d*** planet
I'm a smoke by myself if I can't get a fader
But I won't roll s*** without a Garcia Vega
(Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega)
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