Son of Nanda Lyrics

Both in the day and in the night,
I remain sleepless;
Suffering the pain of the loss and gain
For a fraction of a smile
I'll suffer the trial,
Of a million mindless misers
(they call themselves my boss)
what's the price of the "lifestyle"?
9 to 5 in jail is the cost
My game of life totters on the brink
Like water-drop perched on an eyelash blink
It's all gonna end:
All my styles and profiles
For safety and security,
What are they gonna do for me now?
Bjajahu re mana
Shree nanda nandana
Abhaya charanaravinda re
I've had too much of chasing dreams
That were all built on emptiness
And I've felt the cold brunt
Of your bottomlessness
So I say to everyone I meet
"worship the son of nanda sweet and become fearless"
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