Thin Ice Lyrics

They trying to tear down, man
I see 'em
Killing the coach
I see 'em
Blood suckers everywhere
Left and right
Color don't matter
[Verses 1]
Door. Travel at speed, I normally can't tell them why
Teacher unraveling and raveling split atom
Visual's too shabby, bushy hair like a savage
These rap chicks are average, the street they invented
Came to do damage, take the deal in the weed
Believe me, sing blind, you steam into these busy
Purporter on the floor, it's too easy
The G code decompose without meaning
For hood the style: four goodies and a beanie
I rip out my eye before I start believing
These rap frauds who pray to false Gods
To materialism we at odds
For a pimping deal, behind bars
It just confuse the visions of lynched mars
These vultures that are fisting on our c**ture
I hate to say it, hommie, I told you
We cobra
We just don't believe you
You're gonna be seen through
The government need you
Thin Ice!
[Verses 2]
We got real issues with killers who former drug dealers
Collage educated, but fools trust gorillas
The dopes can't hit us, makes the latex feel it
But I understand survival, the harder they bruise with us
We came from the bottom, the bottom got no problem
One hand on the gutter, we rumble against God
We definition of the fine by the system
Confines me to p******, media terrorism
That's why, when you pick up the mike, you end up flinching

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