Million Miles Lyrics

So prove you I can't change you
Now it's true I can't be the one for you
Everything will be okay
I'll do everything you want
Everything you've got in mind
If u feel it in yours, we can make it through this (time)
You, this special girl of mine the one who rocks my heart believe me when I say
Just to be your love I don't know how to say this I'm ready for whenever
A Truth I'm gonna find it around the world to get it cause I don't wanna miss it
Give me one chance to guard this
This tells you everything I do,
is made to show that I love you.
I'm sure I've made up my mind there's no one else for me but you.
I walk a million miles and more if in its anything to it.
Someday I know you'll understand, we've got to be together yeah
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